Millennials, take heart!

I wasn’t motivated to write this until I had a discussion with my friends about how work was draining the life out of us. We all had one thing common, we all wanted to break away from the familiar norms and reconstruct how our society was engineered. Being successful did not just mean a steady job to us but instead, we want to do more in life than have a 9-5 job and be paid every month.  

Of course, we followed our passion because who doesn’t want to spend their working hours doing something they love? However, this got me thinking because though, following your passion seems exciting at first it is misleading because how many of us truly know what our passion is? Ok for those who have really found that spark, how many of you can align that with a job? Obviously, life isn’t about paycheques and careers anymore but in this competitive world what else will we survive on? 
The transition from university to work isn’t very easy and for the first time, we leave our comfort zone. We started doing what everybody today calls it, adulting! For us, the Millennials we like things quick and easy. We are so used to getting fast results that our entry level job is too tiresome because we get into the field expecting exciting and fulfilling opportunities. This is the phase where we must build the basics and lay out the foundation of our career ladder by accepting the challenges. I recently read that though it might not be possible to follow your passion into the working world, it is possible to find passion and meaning in almost any job or industry by finding your flow. So instead of cribbing what you’re doing right now, set out and find your flow! Find out the things you excel at and broaden your career perspective by knowing what you do best. 
To crunch it down, we’re in our flow when we’re at our best, and when we maximize opportunities to be at our best, we can find passion in whatever work we are doing. And while you’re at it, make it the most of it by making memories! 

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