The Clueless Initiation

In today’s world, there’s a blog post about anything and everything. All around people are blogging, tweeting, posting, pinning etc.. It’s not unless you dig in you realize how little you know what you want to blog about.

Oh well here’s another blogger all set to stumble and stagger her way through the ‘bloggy’ path. I’m not going to promise my readers a set of persistent and persevering articles but share with the world my unostentatious experiences and some of my favorite recipes.

 Until next time, this your dessert darling saying adios!



6 thoughts on “The Clueless Initiation

  1. pseudo_luck

    Love to hear about your experiences and especially about the recipes. 😊
    Regarding the bloggy path, we all have to start somewhere and I’m sure this blog will herald a start of all good things to come. . Best wishes mate 😊

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  2. Marina

    I dont think you are stumbling or staggering….you are right on track, gal! Love that enthusiasm and the initiative…afterall, i dont expect anything less from a hardcore foodie like you…keep it coming !!

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